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Alina Ananda Kummer

I have always been inquisitive about the world, an explorer searching for new discoveries. I’ve had a great passion for learning new things that fascinated me. When I grew up, I became a teacher. Initially I worked with children and later on I became a lecturer and worked with adult audience. However, what fascinated me the most was human psychology, human mind and the ways to make it more efficient and plastic, to make it respond to our will. The skills that I had acquired during my university years and later, during various courses, workshops and seminars, I successfully implemented into my work in the field of finances, where I operated since 1996. As a team leader, manager, director, and later a motivational expert and coach, I had a vast array of possibilities to expand my knowledge and know-how in the field of psychology and interpersonal communication. I felt joy when I was successfully connecting business and personal growth, especially when my work was bringing more and more harmonious and fulfilling results.

Nevertheless, after 20 years of constant exploration I got to understand that my only truthful path is the Path of the Heart.  Today I am absolutely in love with what I have been doing in the recent years. With every single day I discover more and more joy in my life. I opened my heart to the energy of love that has no boundaries or conditions. I follow the path of happiness, and my sincere wish is to show you the way to the truth of your heart, so you can discover authentic joy in every thing you do, find happiness and peacefulness within every single moment of your life and enjoy it fully, like children do. I will help you awaken to become a happy person, living in harmony with your heart, your beliefs and your true nature.

I am a Shaman of Joy, Visionary and …

Radical Forgiveness Coach, certified by the Colin Tipping Institute Poland (http://www.metoda-tippinga.pl/), an effective modality which teaches the path to the inner freedom and life in integrity, authenticity and happiness;

Biotherapist of Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy;

Therapist of Matrix Energetics, Two-Point Healing Method;

Certified Laughter Yoga Coach, certified by Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga;

Certified Sound Therapist;

Certified Access Bars™ Method Therapist.


I teach Tibetan rituals that I have been practicing for over ten years. These rituals activate energetic centres in the body. They are the secret of eternal youth. They boost the immune system so all the cells in the body become healthier and the body becomes younger and fitter;

I write articles and a book at the moment;

I create affirmations and meditations;

I incessantly learn, explore and discover;

I facilitate individual sessions for all those who want to transform their life so they can experience it in its fullness, truly enjoy themselves and the entire world.

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