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Dear Ala! You are a light and love bearer in this world. You’ve made many hearts open up for joy. Your smile is like a sunshine penetrating through the shadows. Thank you for being around, radiating your light and creating so much beauty within your space.

Elżbieta Dąbrowska

Ala is a great healer. I highly recommend individual sessions with Ala – I feel amazing transformation. Ala is very attentive and present. She is an amazing sound therapist who beautifully plays the Himalayan Bowls. She encompasses great wisdom and joy which she enjoys to share with the world.

Katarzyna Dziubałka

Joy is one of the highest vibrations. Ala, you bring joy to our hearts and souls. See you again!

Marta Szczygółowska

Ala enters the meditative space with great mastery, she is very receptive to the mystery of her inner sight. Her vision metaphorically refers to the possible archetypal causes of the issue in hand, and taps into the frequency of spontaneous solutions. The aim of this process is to hold space and set in motion a positive chain of events, which will allow you to break a vicious cycle causing you suffering.

Monika Burzyńska

A session and workshop with Alina Kummer in London gave me the key to unlock my inner world and understand what Unconditional Love is. With great joy I cordially recommend sessions with Alina Kummer.

Monika Budnik

Warmhearted and ever-smiling Ala. Time spent with her is always lightness, joy and high-vibes. Thank you for your great open heart, your presence and availability when I needed it the most. You’ve shown me the way to my inner light.

Bogusława Czarkowska

Meet Ala! She is one of my favourite spiritual teachers, she gives me direction and inspires me on my spiritual path. Alina Ananda Kummer has been a great support and a beacon of light many times over. Ala, thank you very much for all this wisdom you have been sharing generously throughout your workshops. Thank you for theory and the great practice. The most memorable advice I ever got from Ala is the following: ‘Ola, enjoy your life fully!’ So, let’s do it! May hope and faith into our beautiful, joyful lives illuminate our lifepath like a bright spring sunshine.

Ola Nina

I truly enjoyed the “Himalayan Bowls Concert” played by Alina Ananda Kummer. I highly recommend this encounter with sound and the feeling of the sound spreading to every cell of my body.

Katarzyna Czajkowska

Isn’t it amazing that when you move aside the veil of lightness and laughter you can find such a great power and wisdom. Since we met, I thought of Ala as a great person and a great inspiration but I found it somewhat difficult to believe in how skilled she was. My doubts were dispelled right after the first session with her! Now I confidently recommend her services to all those who might need them! Ala is a magical soul and the energy she is offering to share with you is full of sunshine, love and joy.

Gabrysia Medyk

Our session was an amazing experience of liberation and letting go of many old patterns and programs. I have been letting go of things that no longer serve me ever since. I feel that since that experience my life started to change. It became nicer, better, lighter. I managed to let go of anger, I changed my attitude to my work. An insight came that my work can be fun, it can give me many positive experiences that can be shared with others. Ala, your sessions are very, very inspiring. They are the most intense and the most needed experience in my self-growth work. I am really grateful, Ala. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so happy, that I got to know you. I believe that without your guidance I wouldn’t have gotten to the point where I am right now in such a short time.

Urszula Gudalewska

Initially I felt lost and confused. And then small steps, one after another… discovering the most important thing to be discovered. These small steps guided me straight to my heart. Sadness, emotions, tears, joy, laughter, peace and finally understanding that every single part of it matters and is good. All these parts make you whole. These magical moments and sessions with Ala made me understand the meaning of it. There is a Great Something, and this Great Something always cares and guides you throughout your life. Just trust and allow yourself to be guided. Thank you for the great time spent together.


Ala has guided me towards conscious living. It has been a very gentle process. Her refined intuition leads our sessions directly to the core of the issue and then further on towards powerful transformation. Ala is a great soul who has been assisting me on my journey to integrity. I was greatly impressed when we first met. I remember clearly our short conversation. Ala’s words: “perfection can only be found in imperfection” helped me shift my consciousness into a new level. She also gave me three keywords that changed my life for good: gratitude (I am grateful for absolutely everything in my life), trust (I trust that I am always safe), allowing (I open up and allow what is).


Alina has an aura of honesty, authentic empathy and acceptance around her. When she is near it becomes easy to relax, grant myself some quality time, zoom out and see life as a bigger picture. What I value a lot about this Shaman of Joy is that Alina generously shares her wisdom and gives her participants valid tools such as simple ceremonies and rituals to be implemented and integrated in their daily life.


If you want to find or redefine yourself, make some changes to your system of beliefs, switch into positive thinking, let go of old codes and patterns, forgive radically yourself and others, open up and trust in yourself – if any or all of the above resonate with you – you will truly enjoy Alina’s therapeutic sessions. After sessions with Ala I have been experiencing miracles. Before I was incessantly searching for my true self and peace of mind. Now I feel that, at last, I found it. I feel gratitude, joy and love. I love you and thank you, Ala!

Alicja from Augustów

Alina is a beautiful Soul radiating with joy and positive energy wherever she goes. When I met Ala, I was going through hardship and my life seemed to be pointless. Ala’s intuition and excellent therapeutic skills helped me shift my perception and look at my life situation from entirely different angle. She helped me open my heart up and transmuted my negative beliefs into something positive.

Amazing sessions with Ala made me discover my passions.


I have just watched one of your videos available on your website. It has brightened my day. Now while I’m smiling from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for this short video. No longer than one hour ago, I was feeling down and hopeless. It still doesn’t feel perfect, but your short video has made a change in me. It gave me faith and lit some small light within me. When I woke up this morning and everything seemed to be flooded by darkness, I called upon this light. I also started searching for people who work with Radical Forgiveness. As soon as I started browsing the internet, again, it has brought me straight to you. Thank you!


I have never thought that gratitude and forgiveness could be so important, until the day when Alina Ananda Kummer crossed my path. It was a turning point that made my life change for good. After many years of anger, rejection, denial and silence, I was able to welcome my mother back to my live. Now we keep in touch all the time. Thank you for all your help.


Ala is a beautiful soul. I felt a strong bond with her since the first moment we met, especially when we laughed together! Initially I wasn’t sure on what to expect, but I was quickly impressed with Ala’s knowledge and expertise in the field of spirituality and inner wisdom. Ala has helped me understand many things related to my past. Finally I realised why and in which way my experiences from the past reflect on my present situation. I am entirely grateful for the sessions with Ala. I feel happier and lighter. I sincerely recommend Ala’s services to my dear fiends and relatives.

Justyna from England

Ala, thank you so much for a profound experience of that wonderful magical journey… I experienced multiple miracles. A lavish rain of abundance poured on every one of us… Every place we visited was an unforgettable experience… Love… love… love… Thank you and each of my sisters who participated with us in this amazing adventure for the time spent together…

Jolanta Augustowska

Shortly after my session with Ala I started to feel an expansion in my femininity. Since then my relationship with my Son improved significantly. Moreover I am able to sense when I am going into a toxic pattern within a relationship. I feel that I am strong and empowered enough to let go of an unhealthy relationship without sacrificing myself. Without anger or regrets.

Old habits die hard and sometimes I have tendencies to return to the old patterns of behaviours. And when it happens, Ala smiles at me and says: “All this is about your happiness and fulfillment”.


Ala’s workshop gave me self-empowerment, inner peace, willingness, courage and trust to move forward. I feel greater, fuller, expanded as a woman, mother, partner and musician – artist and teacher – all this thanks to Ala’s expertise, wisdom, warmheartedness, openness and willingness to share her gifts with the world. It couldn’t be better.

I recommend Alina Kummer from the bottom of my heart. She is a channel for pure truth.

Ewa Wysocka

A Skype session with Ala, where I participated jointly with my wife Joanna made me discover the power of authentic unrestricted laughter. Both on physical and mental levels. To be honest, before that session I wasn’t even aware of the sound of my laughter. I laughed with Ala until my head started to ache so I had to slow down. After a brief introduction Ala gave us some practical exercises that brought excellent results. I felt myself totally at ease and my diaphragm activated like never before.

Even now, when we recall that session with Ala, we can’t stop laughing. We apply the skills we learned with Ala in our everyday life. We are more joyful and relaxed. Dear Ala! Thank you. See you again.

Jan Lewandowski

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